Yacht for Sale in Turkey

Yacht for Sale in Turkey

Being a part of yachting industry for 17 years gives us enough experience with yacht for sale in Turkey and the mediterranean,

preowned or second hand yacht for sale such as traditional carvel planking system or epoxy laminated mahogany gulets or glass reinforced plastic sailing yachts.

We make sure that each and every yacht for sale in Turkey is prescreened before being offered by us in order to protect our clients interest and to make sure that yacht for sale has a commercial value as much as the owners asking price. We have been serving many customers either buying or selling large motor yachts, luxury gulets and crewed sailing yachts,

We have sold many Turkish traditionally built, epoxy laminated wooden gulets to greece, italy, South of france, spain, England, lebanon, Dubai, Maldives and Thailand. Whenever you need,

We can provide you professional yacht crew for overseas delivery. If you are considering a gulet which is traditionaly built with carvel planking system or a modern luxury gulet that is most probably built with highest quality yacht building materials with cold moulded epoxy laminated mahogany.

Yacht for Sale in Turkey

Yacht for Sale in Turkeywe would love to share our yacht building, yacht survey and yacht charter experiences with you,
It is extremely important to know what kind of timber and craftmanship has been carried out during construction for the yacht for sale that you are interested,

The builders reputation yacht’s age is also an important issue, Brand name of the engine and the power generators, the quality of propellers, shafts and the general layout is also very important to know, the hydraulic systems on board, electric panels and cable installations, sailing gears, masts, rigging materials such as chrome wires or rods, hydraulic or electric winches, every little detail has to be surveyed and confirmed.

Yacht for Sale in Turkey


The boatyard and the builders reputation is extremely important, high quality craftmanship makes a significant difference on the yacht for sale price, yacht’s interior design and decoration as well as cabin furnitures.

You need to make sure that gulet you are buying should be suitable for your criteria and should have a nominal value which means she has to have atleast the resale value.
Please feel free to contact us before buying a motoryacht or Gulet for sale in order to avoid a crucial mistake.

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